How To sell
TFAE offers its clients a simple guide to selling art.

Setting a value for your ART
Our team of professionals at TFAE will use their experience and expertise to determine a realistic value for your art.  By sending us an email with a series of high definition photos, a written history, provenance if you have and any other pertinent information we will begin to work on your art’s value assessment. Please email

In person assessments allow us to make the absolute best assessment as we are able to examine in detail. We can do this by a visit to our gallery or by working with us on a consignment agreement. Please telephone or email to make an appointment or to arrange shipment details. Our location is listed on our website under our contact page.

If you are not able to come to us we can come to you if you would like us to assess and inspect. This is at the cost of the art collector and all arrangements for our specialist to come onsite can be arranged by an email or telephone call to our art director Mona Tranter-Sinni.

Please email

Fees & Commissions